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Mediation Services


Mediation is an option for parties who are interested in resolving their disputes without going to trial. A case may be referred to mediation if it is apparent that both parties are interested in negotiating an agreement. The mediator helps to define areas of agreement and disagreement, but does not impose a settlement. He or she is simply there to help the parties come to a settlement that is fair to all involved.

In all cases ordered to mediation, the mediator shall be appointed by the Court Administration Office. The mediator is selected either by agreement of the Judge and/or staff and trial counsel, or by a rotating list of attorneys who have met certain Butler County Bar Association qualifications and have been approved by the General Division Judges to handle mediations.

The assigned mediator coordinates with the parties to set a date, time and location for the mediation and reports that to Court Administration Office to ensure that the mediation gets placed on the Court’s docket. All parties will receive a copy of the Order for Mediation either via email or ordinary mail service. Once the mediation has been completed, the mediator will report the outcome to Court Administration and the Judge.

For further information regarding Mediations, please see Loc.R  5.22.

Click here for a copy of the Mediator Qualification Questionnaire.